Grahmann cracked

Grahmann cracked

The Dallas Morning News has come out with an editorial demaning that Bishop Charles Grahmann resign and let his coadjutor Bishop Galante take over. The editorial lists Grahmann’s alleged misdeeds from ignoring complaints about Father Rudy Kos (whose abuses led to a $117 million legal judgment against the diocese, later reduced to $31 million) to the accusations against the cathedral rector:

    Bishop Grahmann allowed the rector to continue in ministry even though the rector acknowledged “inappropriate contact” with the man and resumed psychological counseling about “boundary issues,” according to a diocesan spokesman. He allowed him to continue even though a policy that he installed to prevent and to manage such scandals, and that he touts as a model, declares that sexual misconduct “will not be tolerated under any circumstances” and defines sexual misconduct as “any kind of sexual interaction between a celibate cleric and an adult, whether initiated by one or the other, and whether or not consensual.”

    But that’s not all. Bishop Grahmann allowed his representatives to publicly assign to the man impure motives for his accusation, thereby possibly discouraging other possible victims from coming forward. He did not ask lay and personnel review boards to review his handling of the matter. And he did not consult with co-adjutor Bishop Joseph Galante, who has criticized his handling of the matter.

So Bishop Galante has publicly criticized Grahmann. There’s a loud silence coming from the rest of his brother bishops. Perhaps, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If they call for Grahmann’s resignation, what happens when their own misdeeds come to light?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli