Grade schools to give condoms to kids

Grade schools to give condoms to kids

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What is wrong with this picture? The school committee in Provincetown, Mass., has approved a plan to distribute condoms to high school and elementary school students who ask for them. That’s right, grade school kids. In P-town that’s Kindergarten through 6th grade.That’s 11 years old.

Under the policy, school nurses would be able to hand out condoms to students who ask for them. Dr. Beth Singer tells the Provincetown Banner that asking a school nurse for a condom would ensure that younger students get information on how to use them.

Oh goody, an adult telling my pre-pubescent child how to use a condom. By the way, “the schools will not honor a parent’s request to not hand out condoms to their children.” It’s irrelevant that you’re the parent. The Government knows better how to raise your kids because you might not do it right. (“Right” being defined as the most liberal way possible.)

Astonishingly, even this doesn’t go far enough for some.

“I’m just concerned the kids would decide not to have the conference (with the school nurse) and choose not to go for the condom,” said school committee member Carrie Notaro.

At an age when kids should be concerned with whether they have the entire Red Sox starting lineup in baseball cards, the school committee is concerned with whether they’re having safe sex. I have an idea: Stick to educating children!

But what am I talking about? This is Provincetown, the summer homosexual/lesbian capital of the East Coast, where bondage shops line main street next to places selling postcards. All they do is think about sex. The culture is soaked with it and apparently so are the schools. Any decent parent should either be homeschooling, private schooling, or moving away. Sick.

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