Good words, how about some action?

Good words, how about some action?

Archbishop John Myers of Newark has a new pastoral letter on pro-abortion Catholic politicians. He says all the right things, except for one. He says no has a right to the Eucharist, it is a gift. He reminds us that conscience is not something we come up with ourselves, but is formed in the light of the Truth. Then he addresses Eucharist-seeking pro-abortion pols:

The law and discipline of the Church recognizes this fact in various ways. It is a time for honesty. I ask and urge that Catholic voters and Catholics in public life carefully consider their position if they find themselves in opposition to Church teaching in these matters. Sadly, I must point out that to continue down this road places them in danger of distancing themselves even more from Jesus Christ and from His Church.

Okay, but what if they consider their position and decide they are still in full communion with the Church?

I’m not saying that the statement isn’t good. In fact, it’s a very fine exposition of the principles of Eucharistic communion and when one should not receive Communion. But it doesn’t come right out and say that persistent, obstinate, and public proponents of grave moral sin will be denied Communion. Why not? Why doesn’t he take that next step?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli