Good news but no hints

Good news but no hints

When Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says he has good news he can’t talk about yet, you can be sure that means something good is coming. Fr. Zuhlsdorf is an American working Rome, who has worked for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (I’m not sure if he still does), and knows people who what’s happening with matters related to liturgy and Traditionalists. Is his news about one of those two things, or perhaps even about the rumored motu proprio? Perhaps, maybe even probably, but he’s not saying.

Folks, I received very good news today. Three sources confirmed something for me of great importance and a matter of consolation. At the moment, it is best not to publish it or talk too much about it, until it is brought to light by the proper authority.

Nevertheless, I would kindly ask readers of WDTPRS in print and in this blog general to say in advance a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Whenever we have petitions, it is good to add a prayer of thanks together with the petition.

So, I ask you kindly to say a prayer of thanks for something in particular, even if you don’t know yet what it is. I am really not trying to be cagey with this. Sometimes people who run blogs or write articles rush to publicize something before its times and, in doing so, create unnecessary complications. Just say a prayer of praise to God, for this and other blessings in your lives.

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day, but in this case we don’t even know when Christmas is.

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Domenico Bettinelli