Good for Virginia

Good for Virginia

Gay activists are saying that the people of Virginia are “haters” and thus they are exhibiting hatred toward them Because Virginia just passed a new law affirming marriage being between one man and one woman, thus acknowledging the reality rather than attempting to change it to mean something completely different, homosexual groups want to boycott companies that are based in the state and tourism to the state.

“This whole idea is: Don’t spend your money in a place where people hurt you,” Diane Horvath, a Richmond attorney spearheading the Jamestown initiative, told the Virginian-Pilot newspaper of Hampton Roads.

  • It is long past time for ordinary folks to understand that the cries of ‘hatred’ and ‘bigotry’ from sodomists are those of intolerance.  They have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit.  They can call their relationships, and their deviant sex, anything they want.  But it is grossly intolerant to try to force others to believe that which those others don’t believe, and it is criminal to try to teach other people’s children that which their parents don’t want them taught, and it is horrificly uncharitable to take someone else’s institution (marriage), and to try to force everyone to change it into something that it is not and never has been.  And it’s the same with the Boy Scouts – where the intolerance and bigotry is on the side of those who lack the prudence to know that it’s a really BAD idea to send out young boys and teens camping with out and active homosexual men, and who will not tolerate the idea that a lot of people have different ideas of sexual morality than they do.  People are getting angry, and they should – for gay activists seek to use any means, any shock tactic, any words, any kind of depravity, and any hateful phrase to target anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  We have the right to believe in what we do regarding sexual morality, and we have the right to teach that to our children.  To gay activists, I say:  Leave us and our kids alone.

  • My wife & I were discussing relocating from California to … , well, just about anywhere with a lower housing costs. Virginia, especially the Hampton Roads – Norfolk or Richmond areas came up as possibilities (though I don’t exactly know the cost of housing in these areas, but it must be less than California’s Orange County). The passage of this law is a point in Virginia’s favor, as far as I’m concerned.