Good for the goose

Good for the goose

An adult woman is charged with raping two teenage boys and one of them may be the father of her 3-year-old daughter.

Nina Draheim, a 22-year-old mom separated from her 23-year-old husband, allegedly plied her most recent teenage boyfriend with marijuana on late-night trips to her family’s beach cottage in Carver this summer.

Ah, the media double standard. When would you ever see a pervert priest’s victim called his boyfriend or girlfriend? Victims’ groups would flip out if you did that. And nowhere in this story is the woman called a pedophile, even though priests who had sex with teen boys were called pedophiles.

As I said before, it’s important to the homosexual activist crowd that priests having sex with teen boys be called pedophilia, because then the natural revulsion would be channeled against mental illness, when in fact what we really have is homosexuality. Just like no one is calling the woman in this case mentally ill. Instead, she’s allegedly just a plain old sex criminal.