Go Dems, Go!

Go Dems, Go!

It was a lot fun reading the Boston Globe‘s letters to the editor today. I suspect it’s the same way all over the country. Liberal Democrats are grousing and moaning that if only their candidates had been more liberal, voters would have flocked to them. The best ones are the people who hate both the Republican and the Democrat parties and are threatening to not vote at all or to vote for the Green Party. I say, go with your convictions. That’s right. The major parties are corrupt and all disenchanted liberals should abandon the Democrats (who are no more than a pale shadow of the GOP now) and go Green. In fact, they should all go down to the local city hall right now to change their party affiliations. Yes… right now… go.

Are they all gone? Good, now we can rest assured that the grown-ups will be running things for a while.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli