Give us money to undermine the Church’s teachings

Give us money to undermine the Church’s teachings

The leader of the the local Voice of the Faithful chapter in Worcester, Mass., has requested a meeting with Bishop Daniel Reilly. She’s been demanding that the diocese turn over all records on priests accused of abuse. The diocese has resisted since not all accusations are credible and those who have been falsely accused are deserving of confidentiality. In addition, the group has no standing in demanding access: they are not legal authorities, they are not victims of abuse. You can’t just demand to see confidential files. In any case, the bishop has replied that the records have been turned over to the local district attorney.

But the even more bizarre demand is that she wants the diocese to give her money to run the VOTF chapter. Is she high? Why should the diocese want to fund an adversarial organization that has been seen to undermine the Church’s teachings? If local Catholics want aVOTF chapter, then they’ll provide the money, but if no one is supporting it, then perhaps that a message for her. Sounds like a typical big-government liberal who thinks that just because she thinks something is important, it must be funded, no matter whether anybody else thinks it necessary.

Correction: I’m told that Worcester Voice is not Voice of the Faithful. Thanks for the clarification.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli