Getting back in the swing

Getting back in the swing

Went away this weekend to my sister’s house in Maine. I checked email on Saturday, but wasn’t online much other than that. What that means is that I had almost 1,000 spam alone waiting for me yesterday when I got back. I also had lots of other email accumulated. Thus, I’ll be digging out of that avalanche for sometime while I also get caught up on actual work, so don’t expect a whole lot of blogging today, even though there’s plenty of good stuff to blog.

This might be a good time to give you an overview of my blogging philosophy. There are several different kinds of blogs. Some blogs provide lots of links to interesting stories, but little commentary. There’s nothing wrong with that and I very much enjoy some of the blogs that do that well, like Mark Shea’s and Amy Welborn’s. But since they do it so well, there’s little in me trying to duplicate them. So, I prefer to always give some kind of interpretative or analytical commentary on anything to which I link. I guess I think it adds some value and gives a reason to read about it on my blog. Of course, it makes blogging labor and time intensive, and thus soometimes slows me down and prevents me from blogging good stuff. It’s a trade-off. Anyway, I thought I’d mention it.

More soon.

  • I don’t mind waiting a bit in order to get the commentary, Dom. Yours probably is my favorite news oriented blog for that very reason.

  • Remember… commentary doesn’t have to be that long.  Just to the point. Hey Steuby alum didn’t they teach you that in the real world? 

    Great Jlsm class the other night. Keep teachin’ em. They “need it”.