Geoghan killed in prison

Geoghan killed in prison

I’m not back from vacation yet (tomorrow I finally get home), but I had to comment on this news: John Geoghan, the laicized priest, has been killed in prison. Geoghan, who was convicted last year of fondling a 10-year-old boy, was the central case in Boston that broke open the Scandal in the secular media last year.

It was the court filings in the Geoghan case that resulted in the records involving dozens of other priests in Boston being publicized and everyone finding out that it was a common occurrence for pervert priests to be shuttled from one assignment to another. And then the Scandal in Boston broke the Scandal nationwide.

I wonder how Geoghan’s death will play in the media? I’m sure some people will reamrk gleefully and viciously on his death. Others will express regret he didn’t receive more punishment that he got. For my part, my prayers are with his family and his victims who still suffer. And for him—I don’t wish hell on anybody. I hope he had his chance to repent and receive absolution.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli