Geek chic

Geek chic

When it comes to gift giving, Melanie works on a different schedule than most. She buys the right gift when she finds it,  regardless of when the actual occasion is and doesn’t buy just anything because the day is upon her. Thus I received my birthday present weeks after my birthday when she found a beautiful olive wood statue of the Holy Family that was imported from Bethlehem.

So I was not dismayed when I didn’t receive a Christmas gift from her at Christmas or even on Epiphany. (Not that it was even necessary for her to buy me a gift; her ultimate gift is carrying our child and being a wonderful wife and mother.) I knew she’d give me something when she found the right gift. Boy, did she ever.

Yesterday, Santa Claus for adults, i.e. the UPS man, brought me her present: A ScotteVest Classic Vest 4.0. This is no ordinary vest, mind you; it’s a techno-geek’s dream.

Pockets for all of my gadgets

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Domenico Bettinelli