Gays don’t want marriage after all

Gays don’t want marriage after all

So why are we going through all this trouble anyway? According to state statistics, gays and lesbians just don’t want to get married. While there was a rush of marriage licenses in the seven months of 2004 that they were being issued to same-sex couples—6,121 in all—the numbers have dropped precipitously since then.

In 2005, only 2,060 received licenses; in 2006, just 1,427; and this year until the end of April, only 87. Maybe they all want to be June brides.

But the reality is that there was a small minority of homosexuals—themselves a tiny minority of the population—who even wanted to marry. Ask any observer of the homosexual scene and they’ll tell you that monogamy is the exception, not the rule, which is why everyone always makes a big deal about the very few gay couples who’ve been together for 10 and 20 years.

Also interesting to note that 64 percent of the same-sex marriages were lesbians. I guess some stereotypes remain true. It’s a fact that the man-woman marriage is a civilizing influence on society because it’s the woman’s impulse to marry and settle down that keeps us from being free-wheeling barbarians.

So what we have here is a fundamental re-configuring of the very basic foundations of society and civilization, creating a fiction known as same-sex marriage, for a group of people who—by and large—don’t want to be married. Why?

Perhaps, apart from the small number who sought the licenses, the real goal has more to do with undermining those structures of society that they resent. After all, it’s a fairly common term of derision for homosexuals and lesbians to call mothers and fathers “breeders”, as if we’re no better than animals.

It’s the same impulse that bring radical homosexuals out to protest against pro-lifers at abortion clinics. You’d think that it would be a non-issue for them—not ever having children after all—but there they are. Why? the same reason you’ll find the Socialists and Communists and Spartacists. Again, to attack the very foundations of society, to disrupt them and create an atmosphere free of any of the old traditional mores and “patriarchal” forms of civilization.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli