Gay protesters at Boston’s cathedral

Gay protesters at Boston’s cathedral

Since Sunday is Pro-Life Sunday and the Church is also collecting signatures for the marriage amendment, self-proclaimed queer groups are planning to picket the Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Then they’re going to protest the Rally for Life on Boston Common… because gays need to be so concerned about abortion.

The forces of love and toleration at work again.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • These people are seriously delusional.  Why on earth do they care about the easy availability of abortion, their relations are not procreative??? 

  • “Fixed link”

    No, seamole. Deleted link is more like it.

    I got the email alert from Father Carr this morning too, and checked it. Scrolling further down, I found the same announcement made last week. The comments were hilarious…a dialogue between the guy, “Mark,” and some anonymous poster. Old “anonymous” kept trying to point out that not all gays were pro-abortion and it was stupid to combine the two protests.

    “Mark” evidently didn’t like the way the whole discussion was going and deleted the whole thing.

    If “Queer Today” is Sciortino’s organization, he’s doing a terrible job…I’m thinking there’s maybe 5 or 6 people who belong.

  • Evil aligns itself with evil.  But we know the way to fight this alliance is with goodness, mercy, and God’s infinite love.  The year of the Eucharist is going to end soon. Take every advantage to adore our Lord and to ask Him for the grace of conversion of poor souls especially those living in mortal sin.

    What a wonderful opportunity we have to get so many together in one place where prayers and grace are abundant.