Gay marriage plaintiffs split

Gay marriage plaintiffs split

The two women, whose legal names are Julie and Hilary Goodridge and whose lawsuit was the basis for the Massachusetts’ Supreme Court’s decision to order gay marriage be made legal, are now going to “separate” and probably end up in divorce court. And in the twisted world of gay marriage advocates, this is viewed as a victory because it shows that gay “marriages” are just like regular marriages. We’re supposed to be happy about that?

Often, when critics of gay marriage say that such a change would undermine the institution of marriage and family, activists responded that with a 50 percent divorce rate and all the other problems, marriage and family are already in trouble.

But that’s precisely the point. Supporters of marriage and family aren’t closing their eyes to the reality. What we have is a continuum from no-fault divorce to widespread cohabitation to gay marriage to anarchy that parallels the slippery slope from contraception to abortion to euthanasia. As soon as the devaluation of life or family began, the ball began rolling and we end up far from where the proponents of the first change promised it would take us.

So as gay activists claim that gay marriages and relationships break up at the same rate as heterosexual ones, I say prove it. The divorce rate is widely quoted as being 50 percent, although that 50 percent of all marriages. The divorce for first marriages is much lower. So what’s the breakup rate of such committed gay relationships?

What’s most clear is that gay marriage activists don’t get is that it’s not all about them. They’re constantly saying that they’re in love, that the relationship is good for them, etc.

``It’s impossible for me to understand how Julie and I being married contributes to the breakdown of anything,” Hillary Goodridge said in an interview two months after the ruling. ``It contributes to our economic and social well-being, it certainly contributes to the strength of our family and our enduring love for each other.”

Well, it’s not all about you. Advocates for traditional marriage do not oppose gay marriage in order to make the lives of homosexuals and lesbians more miserable. This isn’t a personal vendetta. Marriage and family, as an institution recognized by the State, is supposed to contribute to the economic and social well-being of society, it supposed to contribute to the strength of all families. It’s certainly not about love, since love is not the proper concern of government and never should be.

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