Gay marriage leads to end of our religious liberty

Gay marriage leads to end of our religious liberty

Catholic Charities of Boston ending its historic service of facilitating adoption for the neediest kids because it wouldn’t allow gays to adopt them is the result of Massachusetts’ creation of the fiction called “gay marriage.” So says, Maggie Gallagher in a Weekly Standard article entitled “Banned in Boston.” (Did you catch the pun? Know what marriage banns are? Esoteric, I know.)

Gallagher starts off by quoting people on all sides as saying that the Church’s working at providing adoption services was good and that ending it was bad. But everyone disagrees on why it happened. The pro-gay side says the bishops put a political agenda ahead of the children. The Church says that you cannot do evil that good may result and that placing children with gay adoptive parents does spiritual (and perhaps other kinds of) violence to them. But Gallagher says that what is being missed is the connection to gay marriage. Gay activists said supporters of traditional marriage shouldn’t care about gay marriage because it won’t affect them or change their lives in any way. Really?

Just how serious are the coming conflicts over religious liberty stemming from gay marriage? “The impact will be severe and pervasive,” Picarello says flatly. “This is going to affect every aspect of church-state relations.”

... In times of relative peace, says Picarello, people don’t even notice that “the church is surrounded on all sides by the state; that church and state butt up against each other. The boundaries are usually peaceful, so it’s easy sometimes to forget they are there. But because marriage affects just about every area of the law, gay marriage is going to create a point of conflict at every point around the perimeter.”

Sexual liberty trumps religious liberty

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Domenico Bettinelli