Gay marriage amendment update

Gay marriage amendment update

Here’s my latest article on the Mass. gay marriage fight. Basically what we had last night was raw display of arrogance and power. Anti-marriage activists decided that they’d had enough democracy for one night, so they took their ball and went home. Echoing the words of the people at the rally on Boston Common last Sunday, some politicians chanted, “Let us vote.” In other words, just like the Supreme Judicial Court, the gay activists are afraid of letting the people decide. Leaving democracy and governance up to the hoi polloi is just too frightening. As Bill Clinton once said of a tax cut, “They might not spend it right.” Liberals are afraid we’re not “enlightened” enough to govern ourselves.

So, in order to preserve their precious vacation time next week, they adjourned the constitutional convention until March 11. In the meantime, the House and Senate leaders will force a compromise, most likely on their bill which bans gay marriage, but also sets up civil unions. That’s right: civil unions will be enshrined in the constitution, and thus they won’t ever be going away.