Gay Brownshirts on the march in Arizona

Gay Brownshirts on the march in Arizona

Mark Shea often writes of gay brownshirt tactics, in reference to the means used by the Nazis and other fascists to spread their poisonous ideologies. Here’s an uncharacteristically blatant description of those tactics by one of the organizers.

In the Tucson Weekly, a homsoexual activist political lobbyist, Sam Holdren, tells an interviewer that he plans to recruit teenagers to infiltrate pro-family and ex-gay groups.

[Interviewer:]You told me earlier about an activism group at Eon Youth Lounge. How’s that progressing?

[Holdren:] It’s good. We have a weekly meeting where youth come. They have sort of taken on their own campaigns. It started out where I was giving a lot of education, sort of training them and whatnot, but now it’s become really youth-led and youth-run. One of the campaigns they’re working on is to target the ex-gay movement. They’re educating themselves on it. They’re doing research; they’re finding out where the meetings are here in Tucson—just to learn about it and know what’s going on. Then they’ll figure out what sort of tactics or steps they want to take to address it.

Sounds ominous, no? You can expect more and more of this and other brownshirt tactics in the future. (We know something of this in Massachusetts already, e.g. Know Thy Neighbor.)

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