Gay activists like the Church’s approach

Gay activists like the Church’s approach

You might be surprised at which groups are big fans of the US bishops’ child protection programs. Then again you probably won’t be.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) enjoys the support of homosexual activist groups for its “Virtus” program intended to protect children from sexual predators. Virtus, the Latin word for virtue, is a set of programs developed by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, called “Protecting God’s Children™” for the USCCB.

The program, used in dioceses throughout the US, proposes “training” for children, parents, clergy, teachers and church staff and volunteers and focuses part of its effort in a sex-education program for children as young as six in Catholic schools. The child sex-ed component, called “Teaching Touching Safety,” has been denounced by faithful Catholic parents’ groups and priests as an attack on children’s innocence and a device for dodging responsibility by bishops.

Of course, it makes sense that homosexual activists would love the Virtus/Protecting God’s Children/Talking about Touching programs because one the most and very first tenets promoted by them is that the Scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality… despite the fact that 86 percent of all victims of clergy sexual-abuse in the past 45 years were post-pubescent teen males. Sure, they repeat the old canard that “most molesters are heterosexual,” but that’s a data point about molestation in society as a whole: adult men molesting pre-pubescent boys. The sex-abuse scandal in the Church was different: It is much more about homosexuality.

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