Galvin’s crusade

Galvin’s crusade

Mass. Secretary of State Bill Galvin continues his one-man crusade against the Archdiocese of Boston. Having already announced that he would file legislation regarding parochial school closings and comparing parish closings to abusing kids all over again, he’s now filing more legislation, this time to require the archdiocese to report to the state details of large financial transactions. He even admits that it could be considered a breach of separation of church and state, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

What’s interesting is that all this flurry of activity from Galvin comes after his parish was announced for closure. It leaves me to wonder if he’d be just as outraged if his parish wasn’t on the list last Tuesday.

  • Why doesn’t he channel all the energy into evangelization? Wouldn’t that seem to be an answer to keeping his parish open? Seems logical to me, Bill.

  • Back when I was in St. Columbkille’s CYO, I was going door-to-door selling raffle tickets.  OLP didn’t have a CYO program at the time ( and I don’t think they ever did ), so I thought that I could make something of a killing in OLP’s parish ( I live right on the St. Col’s/OLP line ).  No such luck- whenever I mentioned that I was raising money for St. Col’s CYO, the automatic response was “But I’m with Presentation”.

    I think part of what’s going on here is a kind of territoriality; the claim that “It’s my parish” seems to have all the emphasis on mine, as though it were something that belonged to you, then something you belonged to.

  • If he can’t tell that this is government interference with religion, I think he should be impeached (or fired, or whatever y’all do with a Sec’y of State) for incompetence.