We’re still relevant… really

We’re still relevant… really

The Associated Press tries to show that Voice of the Faithful is still relevant. They’re not very successful though. It starts off by saying VOTF gathered “hundreds” of Catholics on Boston Common to protest church closings, showing “Voice of the Faithful’s continuing power to mobilize Catholics.” They’re kidding, right? In an archdiocese of over 2 million Catholics, they got a few hundred to show up and that means they’re mobilizing people? They didn’t even get a significant fraction of their supposed membership of 35,000.

On the other hand, some well known voices critical of VOTF are heard:

  • “I think they’ve been sort of reactive and opportunistic,” capitalizing on crises, said Philip Lawler, editor of the Catholic World Report, a conservative monthly.

  • Voice seems obsessed with its own grievances rather than broader issues facing Catholics, said the Rev. Robert Carr, parochial vicar at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross. “I think they will peter out.”

Still, hope springs eternal for dissenters. As part of their opportunism, VOTF is shifting from the Scandaled to know that, so please, please, pass this on to those who care and will pass it on to others. It is very demoralizing for us here in uniform to read & hear such negativity in our press. It is fodder for our enemies to use against us and against the vast majority of Iraqis who want their new government to succeed.

Despite what the Loony Left would want you to believe (and they sincerely hope), we are not losing in Iraq and it is not a distraction from the War on Terror.

Retired Gen. Tommy Franks makes a good point in his new book. He says that wars do not always go your way, mistakes are always made, and they tend to be messy. If they were easy, then we’d have a lot more of them. But in the end, those who stay the course and overcame the mistakes and obstacles can prevail.

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  • Gee, Dom, you think Mark Shea will pay attention to somebody who’s actually been there instead of the Pat Buchanans to whom he loves to link?