Free speech for some, but not for us

Free speech for some, but not for us

The Massachusetts Legislature, emboldened by recent wins in the courts restricting the free speech of pro-lifers and by complete control of all branches of government by pro-aborts, is preparing to expand the so-called “buffer zones” around abortion clinics.

A bill that would establish a 35-foot no-protest zone around clinics where abortions are performed won the support of the state Senate yesterday and now proceeds to the House, where at least 75 lawmakers have endorsed it.

The legislation would almost double the current 18-foot buffer zone and bar protester from entering it. Currently, protesters may come within 6 feet of someone within the zone to provide counsel or share information, as long as the individual consents.

The pro-aborts, who are supposedly all about choice, are opposed to informed choice, apparently. They want to create zones around the death clinics that allow fathers and boyfriends to drive up and drag their daughters/girlfriends into the clinics without interference. That’s not hyperbole; I’ve seen it done with my own eyes. Again, so much for choice.

Where are all the civil libertarians who are always so concerned about the Bill of Rights? Where are they when our free speech is trampled?

I wonder how they would react to a proposal to set up buffer zones around Armed Forces recruiting offices? How quickly would the ACLU file a lawsuit protesting the silencing of anti-war activists?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli