Former Charismatic Episcopal bishop becomes Catholic

Former Charismatic Episcopal bishop becomes Catholic

“Former CEC Archbishop Becomes a Roman Catholic”

Randolph W. Sly, former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church and one of the early founders of the CEC in 1992, was received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, along with his wife, Sandra, on November 12, 2006 at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia.

I’d never heard of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, but since it was only founded in 1992, I gather it can’t be too large. Good for them that they found their way into the Church Christ founded. I gather that it’s related to the charismatic movement.

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  • There is a church in Plaistow, NH called Trinity CEC.  I have a friend, former Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, who joined it.  He was very excited, as their mass is very similar to the Catholic Mass.  Evidently, they claim to have apostolic succession.

    They are VERY HEAVY on the Charismatic side of thing.

    There is a church list at their website:  There are only two in MA, and one in NH. 

    Here is a quote:  In this sense the ICCEC is wholly orthodox, wholly evangelical, wholly sacramental, and wholly charismatic.

  • I believe Randall Terry was a member of the Charismatic Episcopal church before he too became Roman Catholic.

  • Dom,
    if you are at all interested in finding out more about the CEC, I can heartily recommend listening some tapes by Michael Cumbie from St. Joseph Communications. He’s a former CEC priest and a great speaker. Very funny, too. His conversion story is fascinating…he went from Baptist to Pentecostal to CEC and finally home to Rome.

    The big thing about the CEC is that it was basically a bunch of charismatic evangelical types discovering the liturgy and realizing that it DOES matter how you worship God. From that perspective, Cumbie has a lot to say to Catholics who don’t fully realize the riches that we have in liturgical worship, who may not understand the reasons that we are supposed to worship in a particular fashion. Which is a good many of us.

  • The CEC has been funneling people into the Catholic Church for years.  It’s almost like a conduit from Fundamentalism.  Or a holding chamber for those who realize Rome is right but can’t accept one or another dogma yet.

  • Rob,
    OR, it’s almost like the Holy Spirit is leading them home…which is a wonderful thing, and shows us that God does not abandon those who love Him, even if they find Him in another religion! Another proof of this is that the converts do not come to us empty-handed. They always seems to be offering s’thing we have been missing.