For the troops (or one in particular)

For the troops (or one in particular)

A friend brings to my attention the plight of Master Sergeant Rhys Wilson, USAF, who was brought home from Iraq because his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 neuro-endocrine cancer. They have 6 children, including their eldest son who is a Marine and who is also serving in Iraq right now.

The Airman was brought back from Iraq to assist with his wife and her 8 year old who has undiagnosed heart problems. (They have a total of 6 children in their blended family, five are pictured here.)

The maintenance treatments (3 shots per day) cost $6000.00 per month and they have to advance those costs and then get them reimbursed by insurance. The actual treatment is close to $20,000.00 and is only available in Basil, Switzerland. She is under the care of an oncologist from the University of Iowa and from Columbia, Missouri. This treatment is not covered by insurance, nor will airfare, lodging or food so the family is looking for frequent flyer miles as well.

A charity specifically set up to provide emergency aid to soldiers’ families is accepting donations for the family. Please help if you can and spread the word.

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