Followup on kid allegedly beaten for dad’s opposition to gay agenda

Followup on kid allegedly beaten for dad’s opposition to gay agenda

The Boston Globe is following up on a story that was reported widely in blogs across the US and internationally about claims that a boy in Lexington, Mass., was beaten because of his father’s fight against homosexual indoctrination in the schools. The original report said David Parker’s son was beat up on May 17 and that some believe it was because his father has publicly protested the mainstreaming of homosexuality in his son’s school and that the parents have been told they have no say in the matter.

the Globe‘s report is as fair as I suppose you could expect from a liberal viewpoint. Notice that Lexington is called a “progressive” town while opponents are “conservative.” No such thing as liberalism I guess. They mention that the liberals in town has been gripped by anxiety and suspicion. I’m not sure what they have to be anxious about. They certainly outnumber the conservatives and have been well organized in their opposition to Parker.

The superintendent’s complaints that he has had to field angry phone calls and emails from around the world doesn’t get much sympathy from me since he has chosen to go on national TV and radio outlets to discuss the situation. Honestly, I get 400 spam emails in a day; he needs better spam-filtering software.

You can read about this from the perspective of the pro-family values group backing Parker, MassResistance, and they offered response to the new Globe article in an email today:

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