Foley to name priest who allegedly abused him

Foley to name priest who allegedly abused him

The attorney for disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley says they will inform the Archdiocese of Miami of the name of a priest who abused his client as a child.

Foley, as you know, resigned earlier this month after it was revealed he sent sexually explicit and all-around creepy emails and instant messages to underage male congressional pages. As the scandal broke, Foley revealed by degrees that he (1) is gay, (2) was entering rehab for alcohol addiction, and (3) was himself abused by a priest when he was young. All are standard excuses for bad behavior and in our victim culture it will get him excused. Expect appearances on “Oprah” and a book deal.

Don’t believe me? Remember New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey? The married family man resigned in disgrace after it was discovered he had appointed a gay lover as head of homeland security for the state despite the man having no qualifications. McGreevey revealed that he (1) is gay, (2) claimed to have suffered abuse as a child, and (3) appeared on “Oprah” and got a book deal.

I’ll be curious to see if Foley’s alleged abuser has already been convicted and disgraced. The lawyer says he is alive, but that the statute of limitations has expired. Convenient.

But whether this abuse actually happened or was made up for public relations purposes, it will become another convenient dodge for personal responsibility. Whether Foley was abused as a child is irrelevant in the sense that it is not an excuse for Foley’s behavior. Instead it will become a political football and the Church will become the convenient target.

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