Flight Of The Hamsters

Flight Of The Hamsters

I’m going to be really cruel to all of you right now. I’m going to ensure that you spend hours wasting precious time that could be spent doing other more important things. And how am I going to do that?

By giving you the link to this online Flash game called “Flight of the Hamsters.”

After all, why should I be the only one to suffer? Happy hamster flying. smile


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  • Well, that was 20 minutes of my life that I won’t get back!  Actually, it was well worth it:  my two kids thought it was hilarious.  Plus, I got a solid score:  712 feet total, with a single flight of 274 feet.  Who’da thunk a hamster could fly that far!

  • True enough, Dom.  I will admit a certain amount of luck was involved, as there always is in the ancient game of hamster flying.  Lo these centuries past, I suspect our hamster flying forebears also used a dash of luck. 

    Actually, here’s my trick… Go for the flatest trajectory possible.  Even use the “pillow launcher” on the upwards toss of the hamster, not on the drop.  You’ll get more boosters.  I think I can squeeze in a couple more tries…

  • Real good, Dom.  I’m trying to watch my time and while peaking into your blog end up stuck in hamsterville for 10 minutes!

    Awww man – I thought my 274 score was good.  That took three tries worth of all zeros before my first punch.

  • Smite thee, Dom! 

    I had other important things to do this evening…like blogging on a favorite NFL website, trolling YouTube, etc…and then you show me flying hamsters. 

    And, worst of all, I can’t get anywhere close to dfoles’ score!

  • 800! Yes! That included a single flight of 450-some feet. Dfoles, thanks for the “level flight” tip. You’re right that the more vertical you get the less horizontal you’re able to acquire.

  • I finally got the skateboard to work, though it requires a smooth landing, which doesn’t happen too often. 

    New high score:  1068.  It included flights of 334, 289 and 276.  I was in the hamster zone.  Must… break… addiction….

  • Yes, the skateboard. I couldn’t figure out what it was for until I landed using the power slide.

    The nice thing is that Isabella is greatly amused by the hamsters. She sits on my lap enraptured by them.

  • My five year old son also likes to sit on my lap to watch me play.  Unfortunately he likes when the hamster goes into space, so it becomes a very long flight in terms of duration but only goes about 35 feet.  Not sure if you’ve launched one that high but it’s pretty amusing.  I think I’m retiring the game now:  it’s too hard to get back to this post to check the scores!

  • 215+276+360+269+29=1149!

    I really let myself down on that last one though, had a really poor start: shot straight into the ground

  • Hello hamsters and hamsterettes, fellow amateur Mow Wow here, just one question: “How on hay did y’all get such high scored? The highest single jump I’ve EVER got was 10ft about two times and that was with luck! My highest total has never been higher than 399ft (honest!)

    Thank-yoo in advance for your wise advice…*Does hamster dance*


    P.S. I know, I’m kinda over doing the hamster thing, aren’t I?

  • Oh, sorry, I meant my highest single jump has been 100ft…which just turned to 150ft two hours ago! Yip!


  • Cannot stop playing this stupid game.  Missed the pillow completely the first 15 tries but now after about 2 weeks of neglecting the kids and housework to play this game- it has all been made worth whie by a SINGLE FLIGHT of 1111 and a total score for that game of 1585 (my other hamsters sank like rocks…)