Fizzle … pop!

Fizzle … pop!

For several days we’ve been treated to breathless news stories about the big protest planned by Voice of the Faithful at the cathedral today (Sunday). My prediction is that in tomorrow’s paper the report on the protest will be either squirreled away someplace in the back or non-existent.

Why? Because, according to Carol McKinley, there were hardly any more than the normal crowd of angry screamers. VOTF said it planned to bring 2,000 of it’s “25,000” (sic) members to the cathedral, but there were less than 250 people. And the weather is no excuse. It was a relatively balmy, sunny day in Boston. The fact is that VOTF is a mouse pretending to be a tiger and a non-entity that we could all ignore if the Boston Globe wasn’t advancing them as if they were a serious threat to the Church.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli