Five years ago today, my life became awesome

Five years ago today, my life became awesome

Melanie before our wedding

Five years ago today, I married this beautiful woman and my life has never been better. We’ve shared a few sorrows, but many more joys. And while I imagined the children we would have, I was not prepared for how awesome they are.

Five years already. Looking forward to many more.

I love you, Melanie.

P.S. How awesome is it that today’s Gospel reading extols the virtue of marriage and the two becoming one?

From the nuptial blessing in the rite of marriage in the Roman Missal:

Lord our God,
creator of the universe and all living things,
you made man and woman in your own likeness (Gn 1,27)
and gave them loving hearts
with which to participate in your work of love.
You willed that in this church today
the lives of your servants, N. and N., should be united,
and now you will that they may make their home together,
may seek to love each other more and more each day
and follow Christ’s example in his love for others
even to death on the cross.
Bless, strengthen and protect the love of these newlyweds;
may their love sustain their fidelity to each other,
bringing them happiness and causing them find in Christ
the joy of complete self-giving to the one they love.
May their love, like yours, O Lord,
become a source of life;
may it make them ever attentive to the needs of their neighbors;
and may their home be open to all in need.
Supported by their love, and the love of Christ,
may they play an active part
in building up a more just and fraternal world
and thus be faithful to their human and christian vocation.


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  • Many, many blessings on this most joyous anniversary, and may God bless you with many more years and may you each lead all members of your home to the one Heavenly Home by your life and witness!