Fisking the Globe on Catholic Charities adoptions

Fisking the Globe on Catholic Charities adoptions

The Boston Globe‘s editorial on Saturday lecturing the Catholic Church on adoption policies and the law was so over the top that it deserves a line-by-line fisking. I don’t do it often, but there’s something egregious in almost every sentence.

IT IS not a newspaper’s role to advise a church on doctrine. [“But we will anyway.”] When religious organizations carry out public policies, however, there will often be some friction at the intersection of the sacred and the secular, and that intersection deserves full public debate.

What they’re really saying is that when orthodox religious groups start practicing their religion outside the doors of their churches, it’s up to good liberals like the Globe’s editors to tell them what for.

In seeking to reverse the longstanding practice of Catholic Charities of Massachusetts, [The use of the word “longstanding” is not by accident. Just because something’s been going on for a long time—and 18 years is not a long time in the Church’s long life—doesn’t make it right.] by which 13 children have been adopted by same-sex couples in the last 18 years, the four Roman Catholic bishops in the state must have known they would generate an uproar. In any event they have, both within the church and without.

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