Fisking Kerry’s comments; how will bishops respond?

Fisking Kerry’s comments; how will bishops respond?

Scott Bellieveau provides John Kerry’s comments in the New York Times with a well-deserved fisking on National Review Online, answering each inane statement with a clear rebuttal and in the end showing how ill-informed about the Catholic faith Kerry really is.

Meanwhile, Carson Holloway gives a larger overall examination of Kerry’s recent statements concerning Catholic teaching, but also the challenge confronting the US bishops.

Prior to these remarks, the question confronting the bishops was this: “Can a man who runs for president claiming to be Catholic while rejecting key Catholic moral teachings be ignored?” Now they confront a different question: “Can a man who runs for president, claiming to be a Catholic , rejecting key Catholic moral teachings, and insisting that the Church says that this is all O.K. be ignored?” That is, can they fail publicly to correct a prominent Catholic who not only rejects but also actively mischaracterizes Church teaching?

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  • “Some days I (could)just throw up….” As a maternal -child nurse and a mother I truly don’t understand Massachusetts Catholics fascination with and support of that Kennedy guy and that candidate for president.I’d gladly vote Democrat as the child of blue collar parents…. but what has happened to the “party of the people”?.
    My saintly Irish father-in-law saw the evil of abortion and if he were still alive would be voting for life –  not for pro-abort Democrats. I unfortunately am represented in Washington by hilary and chuck – believe me I AM on my knees for this country.