Firsthand from Mississippi

Firsthand from Mississippi

A friend has forwarded some enlightening emails from a police captain in a town in Mississippi. I won’t identify him or the town, just in case. This type of thing lets you know what’s really going on. Two things strike me: Things get accomplished at times like this by people who take action and take no guff; and it pays to keep your sense of humor.

All is going now.  I had to drive over to Gulfport yesterday and get the attention of the Head Guy at MEMA, the head of the National Guard and the Head of the Dept. of Health because our mayor has not requested any assistance and we were getting the run around.  No Red Cross or MEMA, FEMA for three days while all the attention is on Biloxi and Gulfport.  I made my point painfully clear and today we have what we need.  When I talked with those guys they informed me that they had not received a request from our mayor.  I also brought back 200 meals from Outback Steakhouse for the shelter.  Today, I had to get an infant with Trachael Myopia (?) with a trach tube and O2 keeping him alive in that makeshift shelter at the middle school.  I got out there this morning and was informed that the OS hospital refused to accept the baby and the mother was having to suck the mucus from the trach tube with her mouth because their machine had broke.  I stopped that [expletive] immediately and threw the mother and baby in my car to take them to Mobile Univ. South AL hospital but then got the mother and baby taken to Pascagoula and then to Mobile (allegedly).  I had an airship coming in for it, but then the ambulance I asked for showed up and I had to inform their supervisor on their radio that they WERE taking the baby and mother to Pascagoula - Mobile.  The whole time we were working on the gurgling baby, he never stopped smiling at us.

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Domenico Bettinelli