Finally, the hymn we’ve been waiting for

Finally, the hymn we’ve been waiting for

You know just the other day I said, “Why can’t we have a hymn inspired by the National Council of Churches’ “Christian Principles in an Election Year”? And, lo and behold, like an answer to prayer, here we have: “In Times of Great Decision.”

It has great lyrics like:  “When louder words seem endless And other voices sure/Remind us of your promise: Your love and truth endure.” After all, it’s an obvious sign of a lack of faith when someone is sure of their beliefs, and can’t we end all that debate, because it is so loud and raucous.

Of course, what would a great political hymn be without a reference to “justice for all communities” (rhymed with “peace”, no less)?

Now, if only would someone would call Oregon Catholic Press and have them set “Faithful Citizenship” to music. Or even better, “The Charter for the Protection of Youth and Children.” Now that would be inspiring.