Fast Times at Stuyvesant High

Fast Times at Stuyvesant High

High school certainly isn’t like what it was when I was there. Fr. Rob Johansen comments on an article about a New York City high school where sexual experimentation of all kinds takes place… right on school property.

The article examines the sexual mores of students at one of New York’s elite magnet schools, Stuyvesant High, and discovers the “Cuddle Puddle”, which becomes, I think, a metaphor for the sump into which our culture is draining.

What we see is the complete narcissism of our age, and the result of the children of a generation that completely devalued and debased sexuality. “Whatever” is the motto. Whatever, indeed.

On the other hand, I have my doubts that this is mainstream. This is probably the extreme example of this phenomenon. While I don’t doubt we’re headed in this direction on the slippery slope, what was the New York Magazine’s motive for highlighting it? Is it a condemnation? Or do we detect a hint of approval or even wistfulness that the author’s high school experience wasn’t like this?

I’ll be curious to see the later lives of the “cuddle puddle” participants, the drop-out rate, the suicide rate, the divorce rate, the abortion rate, and so on. It looks fun and happy now, but underneath is only darkness and emptiness.

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