Fashionable anti-Americanism

Fashionable anti-Americanism

Reporter David Bruser poses as a friendly U.S. tourist on Toronto’s streets and finds Canadians aren’t as affable or open-minded as we’d like to think.

I wonder if I should be worried about going to Nova Scotia on my honeymoon. On the other hand, Canada has a phenomenon similar to our blue-state/red-state divide. Places like Ontario and Quebec tend toward more anti-Americanism than certain provinces, apparently.

“I think that the anti-Americanism is part of a regional character that fills a vacuum. The Canadian identity, which in some parts of Canada is quite strong, is not so strong here. I say with some trepidation, because it might sound very arrogant, but there are other places in Canada where the culture is richer and where people are more confident in their culture,” said Krauss.

Hopefully Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have strong regional character.

[Hat tip to Kathy Shaidle]