Fainting spells for Obama

Fainting spells for Obama

A Seattle talk radio host thinks he may have found a pattern of women fainting and a canned-sounding response at Barack Obama’s rallies.

A Wall Street Journal writer, James Taranto , has uncovered a hilarious and puzzling coincidence at 5 different Sen. Obama campaign speeches over the last few months, including the recent speech in Seattle.

Dori and listeners have found one other Sen. Obama incident posted on YouTube where a person near the stage faints. Sen. Obama responds to each incident with the same routine and phrases.

Is it phoney, orchestrated, manufactured campaign theatrics or is it merely physiological coincidence? You be the judge.

He then links to the videos and audio of the incidents. I have to say that it’s a startling coincidence. Is it merely more evidence of women “falling” for Obama? Or might his campaign be manufacturing situations that make him look caring and in control?

If it is contrived, you can be sure that the Clinton campaign will root it out and make as big of a splash about it as possible.

Update: Someone has put them all together in one video.