Evidently it wasn’t the Barque of Peter

Evidently it wasn’t the Barque of Peter

It must be “Weird News” Day. A “floating church” owned by a schismatic Tridentine Irish bishop burst into flames and sank. The boat called The Patriarch was going to be used by Michael Cox, who claims to have been ordained and consecrated a bishop by a Vietnamese Tridentine bishop in 1978, wanted to sail the boat around Ireland, celebrating the Tridentine Mass, and shadowing the Dutch abortion ship operated by the group Women on Waves.

For the past decade, Cox has preached the virtues of the Latin Mass, his skills as an exorcist and water diviner, and his healing powers, a practice that attracts scores of ill and disabled people to his remote base in Birr, County Offaly.

Cox has attracted special attention with a string of stunts, including exorcising alleged demons from a Dublin radio station and the national parliament; setting up a confessions-by-phone hot line; and selling a “Heal yourself, by the miracle bishop” home video.

He’s also the guy who “ordained” Sinead O’Connor in 1999 and “consecrated as bishop” a gay Catholic priest from Northern Ireland in 1998.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli