Encouraging news, even in Massachusetts

Encouraging news, even in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Catholic Conference reports that despite the Scandal, the Catholic Church retains some of its influence, even in the ultra-liberal Massachusetts Legislature. How do we know? Because those on the opposite side of cultural issues say so. From the MCC email newsletter:

The Sept. 18 edition of Bay Windows, a Boston-based weekly [targeted at gays], reports some interesting remarks of Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus and a longtime Beacon Hill lobbyist.  Isaacson is leading the opposition to the Marriage Affirmation and Protection Amendment. 

According to Bay Windows reporter Laura Kiritsy, Isaacson “insists that, despite the recent priestly sexual abuse scandal, the Catholic Church still holds sway with many legislators.  ‘Over the years we have often been told by legislators that they couldn’t support a particular gay issue because their church was against it,’ Isaacson related. ‘That phenomenon is all too common. Even now, after the recent scandals. And so folks who believe that the Catholic Church is too wounded by scandal to be an effective voice in this debate are grossly underestimating the power and clout of the Church in our state legislature.’  Additionally, said Isaacson, following the statements from the Massachusetts bishops and the Vatican opposing gay marriage, ‘state legislators have been inundated with letters and calls against same-sex marriage. It is hurting us in our lobbying efforts.’”
The amendment, reaffirming marriage as the union between a man and a woman, is scheduled to be debated by state legislators on November 12.  Kudos to all who have contacted their legislators, many through MCC-Net!  If you haven’t contacted your legislators yet to urge them to support the marriage amendment, go online to [url=http://www.macathconf.org]http://www.macathconf.org[/url]

  for more instructions.

That’s good news both because the Church appears to have a hold on some legislators’ consciences and because many Catholics are taking seriously the call to contact their legislators. Even here in liberal Massachusetts, not all is lost! Don’t give up hope.