Encountering hate at a peace rally

Encountering hate at a peace rally

There was a rally in Boston at City Hall Plaza this past Friday by Muslim groups and various leftist and anti-Israel groups about the Israel-Hezbollah conflict and a Jewish man with a video camera went to document it. While there he was threatened and bullied and attacked physically. I found his observations very telling because they are quite familiar. (The main text is his and the items in italics and surrounded by brackets are those of the blog owner.)

3. Why did the police not come to my rescue right away, and why were there so few of them? I only saw one parked wagon with two cops in it, and the two officers that I talked to. Given the size of the crowd, and the content of speeches, slogans, and banners, I would expect a battalion of security forces there. [This is remarkable. At every pro-Israel event, even family-oriented events, there has been an extensive police presence along with private security. At this event…almost nothing. Draw your own conclusions. -S]

4. Why is it that when we Jews have our demonstrations and rallies, we behave overwhelmingly in a civilized manner in the face of the opposition, and if one of us steps over the line of propriety, the rest admonish such a person? Why do we see such a drastic difference between our behavior and that of our opponents and enemies?

It all sounds very much like the experience of being in and among pro-abortion demonstrators or pro-gay marriage demonstrators. The hatred and rage is palpable. But when I have been in the midst of pro-lifers or pro-marriage advocates, the air is one of peace and resolve. And if ever a pro-lifer or pro-marriager gets out of line, he is quickly admonished by the rest.

[Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link.]

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  • I saw the coverage in the Boston Globe, and it occured to me that something was definately missing. There was a marked absence of pictures and reportage of the actual content of this demonstration. Instead we were treated to a pious picture of the men having a prayer service at city hall.

  • When I was in Operation Rescue one of those homosexual “escorts” jumped on my back and tried to choke me to death as I was walking to my van. Two blocks away from our demonstration. Not a word in the papers.