Eminent domain

Eminent domain

Of all the cases from the recent US Supreme Court term that could have an impact on Catholics and Christians, Kelo v. New London may have the most. That’s the case that expanded the government’s powers of eminent domain to say that the government may seize private property and turn it over to a third-person, a private party, for use if the government decides it will provide greater benefit to the community. One of the foundations of a free societynot protected by the First Amendment.

It’s coming. Mark my words. This is only one more reason why the next two members of the Supreme Court are so important.

  • I don’t think Santorum’s remarks were simplistic; it’s Liberalism/Leftism that has led to the relativism that makes all lifestyles equal.  The Left in the Church takes this postion every day to cover for their sins against chastity.

  • Some call it the Scandal.  Let’s remember that it is, fundamentally, a Disease, an infection that attacks the Body of Christ in a given locale, leading members away. 

    Now we have a good idea as to how the Disease spreads.  It spreads from pervert to victim.  It spreads from pervert to pervert, i.e. between practicing homosexuals.  It attacks the Seminary and the Chancery, and becomes systemic. 

    But we have no idea why certain dioceses experienced more severe infections than others.  Why Boston?  Why Ireland?  Why Los Angeles? 

    Was it the ineffectiveness of the immune system, the hierarchical response, in these locales?  Is there anything quantifiable about that response?  Was it the prevalence of Irish?  (Well, was it?)  Was it a union mentality?  Was it an ongoing rebellion by priests and laity that weakened the hierarchy?  Was it the prevailing culture or mores?  Is this provable?  Conversely, was it the opposite of any of these factors?  Obedience by priests and laity?  Prevailing conservative mores? 

    I wish I had confidence that the multi-million dollar USCCB study on the cause of the Problem would be objective and open-minded enough to find the real answer. 

  • When Bishop Timlin of PA learned of the allegations over at the SSJ his first call was to the Pennsylvania State Police.

    To equate Bishop Timlin with Cardinal Law and his antics is absolutely rediculous.

    Let’s not forget that the Rev. Paul Shanley was the poster boy for the Boston Globe.

    I’ll be writing Sen. Santorum to ask that he NOT apologize and to request that he increase his commentary on these matters.  They were spot on.

  • Even viewed as a political move, does the Dems doing this make any sense? After all and nothing personal against our fine Blogmeister, running against Massachusetts has been successful in the past (think 1988 presidential). “Massachusetts” is (too) easy shorthand for every manner of liberal degeneracy, with gay “marriage” being the latest example. Particularly if the Dems were to run Casey, in a bid to peel off socially-conservative Catholics who are unenthusiastic about the Republicans on economics or foreign policy, the last thing you want the national party to be doing is saying “Santorum insulted the state where they’re marrying Adam and Steve.” Stay on message, Dems. Santorum is vulnerable. But your stupidity can still carry the day.

  • Already here. A Lutheran pastor friend had his church threatened in Missouri several years ago because they wanted to put in a landing for the (gambling) riverboat.