Election night thoughts

Election night thoughts

It’s all over but the Democrat litigating. I believe the President’s lead is insurmountable in Ohio and it looks good for New Mexico and Nevada. Bush has won the popular vote and, even if you go by the minimum, has at least ensured a tie in the electoral college (if he’s won NM and Nev. then it’s not even close). Yet John Kerry won’t concede. Why? Because this election was never about the good of the country. It was about John Kerry’s ambition. (I thought he was a uniter not a divider; Why doesn’t he unite the country now?) You could read it in the way he said whatever he needed to whatever audience he was speaking to at the moment: To one group he was opposed to the war in Iraq; to another he vowed to fight and win there, and so on.

But it’s all over and I hope that sometime today the Democrats come to the realization that the President was re-elected.

A few more thoughts:

  1. The Angry Left can not claim, as they did for the past four years, that Bush is an illegitimate president. He won the popular vote, he won the electoral college, and no state victory is so close as Florida was in 2000.

  2. In Massachusetts, the news is more grim.  Many of the pols supported by the homosexual activist PACs won office and a lot of very good candidates were defeated.

  3. The House and Senate moved further into the Republican camp. The only high point for them was Barack Obama. Tom Daschle losing was a big defeat for them.

  4. The popular vote split was 51-48, exactly the number that pollsters suddenly came up with yesterday. For weeks the numbers were all over the place, but suddenly they were right yesterday. Why?

  5. The country seems amazingly divided, but I don’t think it is. After all, George Bush won re-election despite the media’s constant dumbeat of negative news bias against him. In the next few weeks, expect a sudden upturn in the number of stories about an improving economy, improving conditions in Iraq, etc.

  6. Congratulations to my friend and former college roommate Jeff Fortenberry who is the new Representative to Congress for Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District..

Finally, I wonder if we’ll ever again have an election that can be decided on Election Night.