Eileen McNamara joins the parade of misleading facts

Eileen McNamara joins the parade of misleading facts

Just so that last week’s tiny blurb about female victims of clergy sex abuse complaining about the Instruction doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, the Boston Globe‘s Eileen McNamara devotes her column to it.

McNamara takes the same falsehoods and misleading information and expands it, without bothering to do any, you know, research.

The Vatican directive issued last week that would ban most gay men from the priesthood has been widely interpreted as Rome’s response to the worldwide clergy sex abuse scandal that has left especially deep scars on the Archdiocese of Boston. Can that be right?

If it’s been widely interpreted that way, then that interpretation is wrong. The Instruction is a response to a problem in the priesthood. It is not meant as an all-encompassing reform of the priesthood addressing every issue and problem that has arisen. It is a document that has been in the making for nearly a decade and while the Scandal has some bearing on it, it is not the only reason for it.