Educated women not having kids

Educated women not having kids

One-third of college-educated women in the UK will never have children, according to recently published study results.

The number of highly educated women who are starting families has plummeted in the past decade, according to findings that provide the most detailed insight yet into education and fertility.

While some women are making a conscious decision not to have children, others are simply leaving it too late after taking years to build their careers, buy a home and find the right partner.

Graduates who do become mothers are having fewer children, and later.

If the low birth rate trend continues, then the eventual rate of childlessness among graduates now aged in their twenties is likely to be even higher than a third.

What does this mean for Britain, long-term? On the one hand, it means that they’re breeding out intelligence, at least on the book-learnin’ level. (Far be it for me to claim that getting a college degree automatically makes anyone more intelligent; I know a lot of blue collar guys who could run circles around your average frat boy.)

On the other hand, if we assume that college-educated women are more liberal than non-college-educated women, perhaps it means the UK can expect a swing in the cultural environment. (Not taking into account, of course, that immigrant populations are also having plenty of babies.) This would not be unlike the so-called Roe effect in the US, by which it is understood that over the long term, the pro-life attitude will become dominant simply due to the fact that pro-abortion men and women aren’t having children to pass their beliefs on to. (This is also why indoctrination in schools is such a big deal.)

It revealed that 40 per cent of the graduate women were childless at age 35. The researchers forecast that by the time they reach the likely end of their child-bearing years at 45, about 30 per cent will still be childless.

Of a panel of older graduate women born in 1958, only 32.7 per cent were childless at 35.

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