“Dupe” columnist attacks the Church again

“Dupe” columnist attacks the Church again

Michele McPhee is a columnist for the Boston Herald and, like many of Boston’s local columnists, has “adopted” a closed parish with recalcitrant parishioners as her personal cause against the Archdiocese. McPhee’s parish is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in East Boston. This week McPhee shows her “support” by calling the parishioners “dupes” for continuing to remain Catholic. Or are they dupes for remaining loyal to their own wants and desires without regard for reality and practicality? I’m a little unclear on that.

I’ve written about this parish several times before—showing that their particular neighborhood has too many parishes crammed in together; noting that they characterized the closing as an ethnic atrocity because most of them are of Italian heritage; watching in awe as they went on Italian national television to try to garner support in Rome for their cause; and so on—and they are not without some complaints that should be heard. A previous pastor can’t account for $200,000 in parish money and told a reporter who asked about it, “As far as I know, I didn’t steal any money. I can’t remember.” As far as he knows. And the people occupying the church complained that the archdiocese called in the fire department during a dinner they were holding to harass them. What’s the story behind that?

What’s it got to do with the World Cup?

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  • Sometimes these reporters are so stupid that they do not even know the meaning of a word.
    I remember how many reporters and anchor(wo)men
    continued to say: today is the first month anniversary, today is the second month anniversary. Anniversary by definition is the annually recurring date of a past event. And then there are some writers, like an ex priest of the Globe, who write and pontificate on every event, especially catholic, and every occasion is good for them to blame the church. How can you spit on your dinner dish?