Don’t cut that tree!

Don’t cut that tree!

A group of (literal) tree huggers is protesting the cutting of some trees in Mass. by sitting in them. Two of these eco-wackos have been camped in two trees in the eight-acre area that the Wachusett Mountain ski resort wants to cut to expand their business. The resort has state approval to cut in the forest, which is part of the lease granted to them by the state, and has won several approvals in court.

Of course, the tree huggers are too dumb to understand that all the loggers have to do is cut down all but those two trees around them, which is what is happening. And the resort has cut off all access to the area from the outside, which is their right since it is privately controlled property, so that other eco-loonies can’t re-supply them. And even if they manage to hang on without re-supply, I think that by the time the first snow flies, they’ll be re-thinking their position, literally and figuratively. Or maybe even sooner if Hurricane Isabel makes a visit in the area.

Here are some choice bon mots from the huggers:

  • “I’m feeling sad that money has triumphed over what is right in this case,’’ said one tree sitter, who gave her name as Dandi Lyon, [Get it? Dandelion? So clever.] in a cellphone interview while cutting crews worked their way up the mountain yesterday. “A lot of lives are being lost right now in this forest.”

  • ‘‘We view this as a poster child for the wanton and woeful abuse of our public lands,’’ lamented James McCaffrey, director of the Massachusetts Sierra Club which opposes the ski area expansion.

  • ‘‘I’m scared for our safety, as well as the safety of everything in the forest,’’ said Lyon. [Then get out of the tree.]

How much do you want to bet “Dandi” comes from a broken middle-class or upper-class home where she didn’t get enough attention and then went to college, but dropped out after “discovering her calling” in life? There just aren’t enough busybodies in the world, don’t you think?