Don’t call him wishy-washy

Don’t call him wishy-washy

If only we could get more bishops like Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia. This profile of the good bishop shows us a man, a priest, a bishop, who isn’t going to suffer any mealy-mouthed Catholicism, yet he promises that when people see the priests he’s raising up in his archdiocese now, he’ll be seen as wishy-washy in comparison.

The idea of Pell being more determined, even tougher-minded than he was before the scandal, evokes a certain nervousness. Muscular Christianity scarcely begins to describe his style. Signed as a professional footballer before he joined the priesthood, it’s said that when he was sent as rector to Corpus Christi College, Melbourne, in the mid-1980s, determined to drive out liberalism and restore sound orthodox practice, a couple of the seminarians at his first meetings burst into tears.

  • “a couple of the seminarians at his first meetings burst into tears.”

    Because he wanted to restore sound orthodox practice and drive out liberalism?  Where these seminarians looking to be confirmed in their sins or what? 

    I wish we had a few more like him here in the US. 

    I can imagine what the USCCB might be like if he or someone like him was in charge…maybe some day.

  • Maybe the seminarians wept tears of joy thinking it was the end of heretic homosexual professors who tormented them.

    Fr John Trujilio recounts how he read “Gulag Archipelago” by Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn almost constantly while in seminary.

    When the gays would torment him about his cossack, his comeback was, “I may wear a dress but you wear panties.”