Doing what he wants

Doing what he wants

Here’s a glowing profile in an upstate New York newspaper about an excommunicated Catholic priest who has become an Episcopal priest. Father Enrique Cadena had been embroiled in the controversy at Rochester’s Corpus Christi Parish, a place so liberal and heterodox that the entire parish eventually left the Church in schism. From the article at least, it seems Cadena’s reasons for becoming a priest and for staying one were based on his own personal mission and a desire to change the world. What I didn’t see was a spirit of obedience to Christ’s teaching, obedience to the apostolic successors, or anything that could be said to be uniquely Catholic.

I love the way the article remains objective: “Within the ministry of Corpus Christi Church, changes were occurring as the priests attempted to be more inclusive. The changes that took place at Corpus Christi caused Cadena, the Rev. Mary Ramerman and Father Callan to be excommunicated.” They attempted to be more inclusive. Doesn’t that sound so nice? What they were doing was using the Catholic parish that had been entrusted to Callan in order to advance an agenda at odds with the Truth. By the way, Ramerman was the woman that Callan allowed to “concelebrate” Mass with him. Evidently, Cadena thought the schismatic church was still too Catholic, so he decided to leave them… oh, and the fact that he wanted to marry his parishioners, too. There always two levels to heresy: the stated doctrinal reason and then the real, personal reason. And like all Protestants, the new “denomination” split.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli