Do you want to re-phrase that?

Do you want to re-phrase that?

Talk about your bad timing. Cardinal Francis Stafford complains that we haven’t found WMD in Iraq and then we find some.

Stafford, the former archbishop of Denver who has been working in the Vatican since 1996, said the reasons for starting the war in Iraq were a “moral failure” because there had been no conclusive proof of weapons of mass destruction.

D’oh! Sorry Your Eminence, but do you want to take that back now? Of course he won’t. He’ll pribably just nuance it to mean that we should find a lot of WMD or it’s a “moral failure.” A lot, a little. What could a gallon of sarin hurt, right? Well, since a drop of sarin kills, a gallon spread as cloud over, say, New York, might kill a lot of people. And yet it was in the hands of terrorists who used it as a roadside bomb. Now imagine that Osama got his hands on it. On second thought, don’t imagine it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli