Do you want to re-phrase that?

Do you want to re-phrase that?

Talk about your bad timing. Cardinal Francis Stafford complains that we haven’t found WMD in Iraq and then we find some.

Stafford, the former archbishop of Denver who has been working in the Vatican since 1996, said the reasons for starting the war in Iraq were a “moral failure” because there had been no conclusive proof of weapons of mass destruction.

D’oh! Sorry Your Eminence, but do you want to take that back now? Of course he won’t. He’ll pribably just nuance it to mean that we should find a lot of WMD or it’s a “moral failure.” A lot, a little. What could a gallon of sarin hurt, right? Well, since a drop of sarin kills, a gallon spread as cloud over, say, New York, might kill a lot of people. And yet it was in the hands of terrorists who used it as a roadside bomb. Now imagine that Osama got his hands on it. On second thought, don’t imagine it.

  • What’s really weird about an archbishop making that odious comparison is that he wouldn’t want to be compared himself to Shanley nor would he deserve it.  So why doesn’t he understand the concept of a bad apple?  Further, there’s tons of evidence from pro-lifers who’ve been arrested, that American prisons have some terrible guards in certain places.  It is truly shameful that people are tarring the Army instead of investigating the prisons where those people worked.  After all, the ARMY disclosed this problem and is correcting it, unlike others I could mention who have problems.

  • “Is this what American seminaries are producing?  Men who are sexual predators? Is that what we’re producing?”

    Cardinal Francis—who is the General Karpinski of the American hierarchy, and more importantly who is the General Taguba?

    There was conclusive proof of the existence of WMD’s.  There wasn’t conclusive proof of their destruction so the prudent course of action was to act as if they were deployable by Saddam or by terrorists —and indeed one has.

    Does anyone want to stake the future of civilization on the bet that there was and will be only one?

  • Sadly, the Vatican itself has already been targeted by terrorists with horrific weapons (and at least one major plot foiled).  Stafford should be grateful that the US has the guts and brave soldiers to rout out some of these nests of evil.

  • Personally, I’d consider a couple of Boeing jetliners in the wrong hands to qualify as Weapons of Mass Destruction. But I don’t have a doctorate in moral theology; I was only an eyewitness to one of those babies hitting the Pentagon. What the hell do I know?

  • “Is this what American democracy is producing? Men and women who, just below the surface, are barbarians /wp:comment_author_url>
    2004-05-18 18:24:13
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  • Hello Mr. Bettinelli – As soon as my financial situation improves (hopefully soon), I will contribute.  It’s a great website, and it’s nice to know that there are many thoughtful and orthodox and faithful Catholics out there!  Your commentaries are enlightening and down-to-earth.  Keep up the good work!