Do you want this man to be president?

Do you want this man to be president?

Between now and 2008 the rest of the country is going to be hearing a lot about Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney because he has been tipped as a contender for the Republican nomination for president. Already Romney is touring the country and sounding out the proper family value themes for conservative audiences, which might be fine if he were governor of Utah. But he’s governor of Massachusetts and his executive actions don’t exactly align with his political rhetoric.

One example of that comes via Lee Duigon who notes that Romney continues to approve of the “Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth,” an infamous group responsible for some of the most salacious and explicit content shoveled in front of Massachusetts teens. Duigon notes that the commission is sponsoring a drag queen festival on Boston Common. That’s some wholesome family entertainment. (The MassResistance site has photos and descriptions. WARNING: Photos and descriptions, while not graphic, are explicit.)

Romney almost does the right thing, but caves after all

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