Distinguished women?

Distinguished women?

For Women’s History Month (March in case you didn’t know), the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan put a link to the web site distinguishedwomen.com. Of course, this site, being a standard modernist site, includings paeans to Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and admirer of Hitler, and Nafis Sadik, former executive director of the UN Population Fund, and other “distinguished” women.

If a Catholic diocese wants to honor Women’s History Month, what about the thousands of female saints in the history of the Catholic Church? Or is sanctity and holiness not something worthy of emulation by young Catholic women?

[Thanks to Diogenes for the link.]
  • Yeah but—sheesh!

    Cleopatra’s still there, and let’s not forget Sappho.

    The whole bleepin’ PAGE should be removed, not just the link to the Hitler gal!

  • I’m not sure what the celebrating is about. The link to the Distinguished Women web site is still there and it still contains profiles of women like Sanger and Sadik and other of questionable morality.

  • Oh, the link is definitely still there, I’m looking at it right now.

    In the “God has a great sense of humor department,” I at first thought Kelly’s reference to “the Hitler gal” was to film director Leni Riefenstahl. Then realized, given the wording of Dom’s post, that it was probably to Margaret Sanger.

    But just for fun, I decided to check and see if “Distinguished Women” links to Mlle. Riefenstahl. Sure enough, right along with Ayn Rand and Adrienne Rich … (http://www.distinguishedwomen.com/alphabet/r.html)

  • Well, Daniel, I don’t care what the Distinguished Women site has on it. The diocesan web site shouldn’t link to it. The Planned Parenthood site has stuff on Margaret Sanger and I don’t think the diocese should link to it either.

    As for the death of Bishop Untener, I don’t know him, and have nothing to say about him. Not to be callous, but bishops and priests and many other nice people die every day. I don’t comment on all of them because I can’t. This blog is about what I have say on various topics that catch my eye. It is not a news site.

  • Weird as this may sound, when I checked the site last night I was positive the “Distinguished Women” link was gone.

    Now I see that [ahem]: I Was Wrong.

  • This was of interest to me because I’m well aware of Saginaw (family lives there). I can’t find the link, so maybe it’s been removed. One can hope.

    While I don’t generally like lumping folks or dioceses into “liberal” (i.e. less thanholy) and “conservatice (i.e. very holy), I will say that they are more on the left than center, at least as my cousins were growing up. We tend to see things very differently. But, of course that doesn’t mean everyone is this way in the diocese. My mom grew up there and turned out pretty good! (very devout)