Two woman are believed to have stolen a 13-week-old unborn child on display in an art/science exhibit. The baby’s body was infused with plastics in a process called plastination and was part of the “Body World 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies.” It’s a disgusting and macabre exploitation of human beings and an offense against the dignity of the human person. So what’s the reaction of the people who perpetrated this indignity in the first place?

“We are deeply concerned and disappointed by the theft of this invaluable and irreplaceable specimen,” Angelina Whalley, director of the Institute for Plastination, said in a statement. “How can somebody do this ... it’s such a disrespect,” she said.

Remember, she’s referring to the people who removed the baby’s body, oops, I mean “specimen,” from the exhibit, not to the disgusting things she and her “institute” did to it in the first place. Sometimes the hypocrisy is astounding.